How Returns Are Verified

After we receive your returned items in our warehouse, they go through a verification process. During this process we:

  • Make sure the items match the condition we approved during the authorization process
  • Determine whether the items are in saleable condition
  • Calculate the final refund value for the items

After we complete the verification process, your return is submitted for a refund. See How Returns Are Refunded for more information on refunds.

Verification Time

We check every single item that is returned. If you returned 20 items, we would have to verify each of those 20 items. We verify each return in chronological order, based on the date we receive them. If we're experiencing a high volume of returns, it may take some time for us to begin verifying yours. There could be many other returns in the queue before it. Usually, we complete the verification process with 7 business days after we receive your items and we'll notify you when we're done.

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